A leading Swiss lighting solution provider (CALVINO), we focus on the exploration of human-factor lighting and lighting value, and are committed to creating extraordinary lighting experiences for customers that exceed expectations. We firmly believe that the lighting system is the soul of the space. It not only brings light, but also activates the mood and taste of the space. We have been committed to this for decades.

CALVINO is a believer in "light culture". We firmly believe in the charm and power of "light", which can create amazing space experience for space users. Over the years of accumulation and exploration, we have the world's leading lighting technology, which can achieve the most comfortable light experience. At the same time, as an advocate and disseminator of "light culture", we are constantly exploring the needs and desires of space owners in different cultural backgrounds and life concepts, and using "light" to light up their lives. This has become the core of our brand culture—to see your extraordinary with light, and let light achieve your extraordinary life experience, and we keep moving forward for it.

Among the values of CALVINO, the most cherished cornerstones are Human Centric Lighting (Human Factor Lighting) and Value of Lighting (lighting value), which we use as the driving force for the brand's endless life, and it is also a guideline for product design and development . Good lighting is bright because of people, and it should be designed according to people. The human-oriented concept of Human Centric Lighting is to organically integrate excellent lighting technology and multi-light culture to create an exclusive lighting experience for each space owner. This is not only reflected in the subtle changes in the parameters, but also in the subtle atmosphere of the perceptual experience. People-oriented is the perfect combination of technology and humanity. We cherish the Value of Lighting, which is the core "element" of space perception, and we call it "the soul of space". Light and lighting systems should become the primary design elements for creating high-quality life experience. Lighting can dominate the atmosphere creation of a space, and can amplify the functional value of different areas; each beam of light has its own language and emotion, they describe the color, shape, material, and express taste and life beliefs to space users; we grasp She can't live without light, but she can control her delicate emotions, let her catalyze the chemical reaction in the space environment, blend and reflect with other elements in the space, and construct a rich experience in the space.
Over the years, CALVINO has adhered to the concept of "human-driven lighting" and created extraordinary works and cases around the world, which also benefited from our dedication to the ultimate service. We have carefully considered from the most macro local cultural background to the exploration of lighting possibilities for subtle demand scenes to ensure that every beam of light is tailor-made for you. In a space with CALVINO lighting, light is not only the illumination of the scene, but also the interpretation of the customer's spiritual pursuit in the space. We insist on perfect lighting design and ultimate lighting system service implementation, let "light" help you realize the deepest vision of the world in front of you.

Since the appearance of LED lighting technology in the UK in the 1950s, the environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting industry has become the main direction of European industrial development. Two generations of CALVINO leaders with vision and insight have turned people's imagination of green lighting into reality in the late 1980s.
Mr. Giovanni Calvino, the first-generation family leader, has keenly seized the opportunities brought by the transformation of the global lighting industry, and is committed to serving the world with advanced lighting concepts and technologies, so that users with demanding lighting requirements can obtain lighting experiences beyond imagination. With this vision, CALVINO continues to open new chapters. In the early 21st century, the technology research and development center in Germany and the industrial design center in Italy were completed one after another. At this time, CALVINO's products have become a model of modern lighting that combines the beauty of science and technology. In the next two decades, the two centers continued to grow, and CALVINO has the world's leading technology research and development and industrial design capabilities. CALVINO has been a firm promoter and practitioner of the concept of "Human Factors Lighting" since its inception.

However, different from the traditional "technology and human factors" orientation of the European lighting industry, Mr. Carlo Calvino, the second-generation leader of CALVINO, insisted on "light culture", a more ambitious and humanistic "light culture" in the process of promoting brand globalization. The concept of human factors is the core of product and brand development. Under this concept, CALVINO has given "human-based lighting" a more profound and universal vitality. Since then, it has "understood the global humanistic spirit and customized it according to the feelings, needs and demands of customers in different cultural backgrounds. The expressive power of light" has become the golden rule of CALVINO's development. Since then, CALVINO has also entered the stage of a rapidly developing global brand. Leading optical technology and extreme manufacturing technology bring high-quality products with modern scientific and technological beauty; combined with humanistic needs in different cultural backgrounds, discover the aesthetics and life connotation of lighting in different scenarios such as residences and commercial spaces... ...

We create extraordinary lighting experiences for customers around the world that exceed expectations. At present, CALVINO has been connected with the global market, and China is the top priority of our global layout. Relying on the operation center in China, we bring successful service experience and lighting concepts to mainland China. We integrate the outstanding strength of the global team, and work side by side with the Chinese team to jointly explore the way of using light under Chinese culture and customer needs, and provide exclusive lighting solutions for China's top elite customers.

Pay attention to the relationship between space and people, and pay attention to the needs of users. Carry out technical research and product design around the lighting application needs of "people". Provide an optimized solution that is more in line with the needs of the scene.
Always provide lighting solutions for "high quality and beautiful life". Maintain close cooperation with top LIFE STYLE designers around the world to provide lighting design solutions closely integrated with space design.

Pay attention to the relationship between space and people, and pay attention to the needs of users. Carry out technical research and product design around the lighting application needs of "people". Provide an optimized solution that is more in line with the needs of the scene.
CALVINO headquarters in Switzerland, rooted in Europe, integrates global industrial chain resources, constantly pursues how to use lighting more perfectly to improve the user experience and quality of life of space owners, and deeply explores lighting application innovation centered on human experience.
We set up an industrial design team in Italy, integrating the world's cutting-edge industrial design capabilities and profound artistic heritage, and injecting artistic ingenuity into perfect and innovative lighting solutions.
As the most important market in CALVINO's global layout and the core of the global supply chain system, we have carried out extremely in-depth and comprehensive cooperation with the most outstanding teams in the Chinese lighting industry, and established a China operation center, with a view to serving the greater China region Provide customers with excellent products and high-value service support. As the largest and most functional regional operation center in the world other than the European headquarters, the China operation center has completed the local construction of a full-process value chain system integrating "R&D-production-service". In addition to providing local market brand operation and In addition to product services, it has also become the most important product manufacturing and supporting base in the world. The headquarter of the operation center in China is located in Shanghai, and the regional R&D team is set up in Taiwan, which has the most advanced lighting industry foundation in Asia. At the same time, high-end manufacturing bases are set up in Dongguan and Zhongshan, which can independently meet the complete lighting needs of regional customers and provide global services. The CALVINO system provides the most powerful supply chain support.
Thanks to the unique geographical location and advanced lighting industry development, we set up the Asia-Pacific R&D Center in Taiwan, China. The Taiwan team focuses on the Greater China market, innovates the design and development of LED lamps, supports the business development of China and neighboring countries and regions, and provides customers with comprehensive lighting solutions that meet aesthetic and practical needs.